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i-to-i Practical Session Review

Updated: May 3, 2020

Starting your TEFL career, without teaching experience, can be difficult! Trust me when I say this, I've been through it. (Read about it here) For this reason, it's very important to get some form of practical TEFL training beforehand.

Early in 2018, I signed up for my TEFL course at i-to-i TEFL and luckily, the course included a 20 hour practical session. In this review I'll explain to you why this practical session is important and how much you'll benefit from it. i-to-i TEFL is a UK based company with great customer service and 25 years of teach and travel experience. Their TEFL courses are both impressive and interesting. These courses are regulated by Ofqual and accreditation from ODLQC makes them a cut above the rest.

The course ran over 2 days, Saturday and Sunday. The instructor who presented the course is probably the most skilled teacher that I have ever met! The teaching style she used to teach us was utterly unique. She transported us into the shoes of a foreign student where she showed us how a student would feel. More importantly, she showed us that there is no excuse to not communicate even when someone does not speak your language.

Our instructor knew Portuguese, so she started showing us her techniques SPEAKING ONLY PORTUGUESE. The crazy part is, even after all this time, I still remember everything she taught us. I will never forget how to order different beverages in Portuguese. This powerful new style that she showed us opened a new world showing me how much value teachers can add to students’ lives.

During these 2 days we learned how to teach effectively and engage students in learning. We practiced these effective teaching methods by doing fun activities. Treating a room full of adults like little ESL students caused all of us to laugh a lot! One of the tasks we had to complete during the 2 days were planning and delivering two complete lesson to the rest of the group. This exercise made me more confident in teaching. I've gained valuable experience in delivering and managing a classroom. This practical session gave me a good taste of what TEFL is really like!

The guidance and criticism that was given to me after every presentation was extremely helpful in shaping my skills to transform within a really short time period. It will really benefit you when you do this practical session as well.

I would highly recommend the i-to-i 20 hour practical course to anyone looking to improve their classroom skills, but especially to newbies looking to add some experience to their CV.

Please feel free to contact us for any information and advice on finding a TEFL course or finding work online or abroad.

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