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How to Find the Perfect Balance between Technology and Time

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

There is something addictive about the ting of an incoming text message, scrolling down our news feed and continuously checking our social media notifications telling us how much other people really “like” us. And it is not just “something”, it is dopamine – the compound at the root of addiction. Certain experiences (such as smoking a cigarette, taking drugs, drinking alcohol or even eating sugar) produce dopamine, a highly addictive compound associated with great pleasure.

Now, here is the alarming side of it: selfies, follows, likes and shares on social media affects your brain in the very same way! The utilization of all these tools on social media produces dopamine and this is what creates the addiction to technology like smartphones and social media. There is nothing wrong with the use of smartphones and social media, the problem lies within the large imbalance. Somehow, a smartphone became an accessory that simultaneously isolates and connects you. It is time to find a perfect balance between LIFE and technology. Why? Because time is the most valuable resource known to man and can never be created. Let’s put brakes on this spiraling chaos of constantly spending too much valuable time on Facebook, Instagram, you name it, and literally throwing away your hours that you could have used to be more SUCCESSFUL.

It is time to focus on YOU, YOUR priorities and YOUR time! Here is how: 1. DELETE all your Social Media Apps on your Smartphone. These apps are distracting. They constantly hinder your time management and interfere with your life. By deleting all of these apps, you will find yourself wasting less time on social media and giving yourself the opportunity to focus on the important aspects of your OWN life. (Additionally saving some data expenses as well). Should you need these apps from time to time for those birthday reminders, rather access them through your browser. 2. OPTIMIZE your Environment. Get rid of anything that can potentially distract you. When you are busy with a specific task/project on your computer, close all browser windows that aren’t directly related to what you are busy with. Also, do not underestimate the importance of ensuring your physical surroundings match up with your work. This is very important. You need to have everything you need within your reach and you need to make sure your environment is suitable for you to focus – if not, change it.

3. DECLUTTER your Life. There is no good reason why you should be Facebook friends with your mom’s friend’s sister’s neighbour that left the country seven years ago. Having strangers as Facebook friends is the quickest way to find yourself scrolling down your news feed and waste precious time. Over and above that, you give these strangers easy access to all your personal information, your location, your contact details etc. Declutter your social media by removing all your friends and followers that you don’t know very well or don’t know at all. Go through your email inbox and un-subscribe from those email lists that popped into your life. Our online lives can get just as cluttered as our real lives and mess creates stress. Decluttering is very beneficial as it reduces stress, improve your focus, improve your environment and boost your mood. Embrace the action of decluttering for a better, more productive YOU. 4. PROTECT your Time. Protect what is yours. Protect your time. For example, check your emails only in the afternoon. In this way, you protect the peak energy hours of your mornings for your best work. Another example can be to actually USE your commute time. Listen to fantastic audio books, excellent podcasts and valuable learning programs. Become a lifelong learner. Successful people view their time as extremely valuable and seize every opportunity they have to learn. The use of technology and social media is not adverse, however, sacrificing treasured time for the overuse of technology and social media is. Technology can dramatically improve various aspects of your everyday life, but you need to create ways to ensure that you benefit from it!

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